Wireless Internet & Hotspot

We will very soon provide the following services:

  • One time Installation Fee - Only for residential customers (Non refundable)

  • Low cost residential fixed wireless internet

  • Secure wireless hotspot (Pre-paid card or Online payment)

  • No contract

  • Two weeks cancellation window

  • 24/7 customer support

  • We strongly believe that the Internet should be as accessible as other commodities. For this, we aim to provide Internet access as low as $1 per hotspot session

    - Cedric R. Malela-Mougani

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Mopepe?
  • Mopepe is a central African word which means “Wind”. In central African countries, They often refer to Mopepe as a dynamic flow of air that we seem to visualize by the effect it causes around us.
  • Mopepe is a wireless mesh network that will provide affordable Internet access.
Why Mopepe?
We created this project for a very simple reason – enable access to everyone within the extent of our network reach. We are aiming to provide internet access through our simply deployed network – this network will be a vehicle for some freely accessible community based services as well as a platform for local business advertising.
Mopepe is a wireless mesh network that will provide internet access in the form of "fixed wireless internet" and as "hotspot" to business, residenial customers as well as the community in general.
Mopepe will focus on affordability with great customer and technical support. Mopepe will also probide related service such as electronic devices repair and maintenance.
Benefits and disadvantages
    Services Provided on the Network
  • Gateway/Firewall
    For bandwidth shaping and management to ensure that everyone gets the bandwidth they are paying for.

  • DNS (Doman Name System)
    To improve network response time.

  • Email (Web Based or Server Based)
    This will allow use of personalized email addresses of popular freely web based service like Gmail, Yahoo etc.
    Providing SMTP relay service for the Server Based Email.

  • Chat/Instant Messaging
    This will allow real-time, text based as well as video conversation using popular application like skype, WhatsApp etc.

  • VOIP (Based on Asterisk)
    To enable the use of phone service at a fractional cost.

  • Web Proxy
    To save bandwidth by storing requested content locally thus speeding content access.

  • Business and Community Portal
    To provide advertising platform for local business and community based activities and events.
    Community Support
  • Provide affordable Wireless Internet connetion to the community without a need of a physical installation throughout our Wireless Network Node. And affordable residential fixed wireless internet installation at a reasonable speed. We will also provide cost effective electronics devices (e.g. laptops, smartphones and tablets etc.) repair for the community.
    Competition From Other Providers
  • We will strive to provide the best and quality service as the major player in the fields. Our service will be based on innovation and affordability. Most importantly on a support based model focused on customer education and training. We will also provide device maintenance service for the customers at a fraction of the cost.
Wireless Internet Network Type And Connection Option
  • This will be for customer that don’t need a physical installation. Access will be provided by mean of user accounts or pre-paid voucher ticket.
    • Fixed Wireless
    • This type of connection is intended to customers that require physical installation – this is ideal for customer with hight bandwidth need to use device such as SmartTVs and who need management and customization of their own router.
Mopepe Planing and Deployment
  • Multiple Gateways will be installed to create a backbone of the network so that the internet connection remained as fast as possible.
    Mesh Access Points
  • Multiple mesh access points will be installed to ensure the roaming capability on the wireless network node. This will ensure that our hotspot customers do not loose the connection wherever the go throughout their connection session.
  • Multiple repeaters will be installed to extend our wireless network node.
Supporting Mopepe Wireless Mesh Network
    Community Involvement
  • To better expand our wireless network, we will be placing some gateways with the support of our customers to some adequate locations – sometime at customer premises that will serve as relay (repeater). Incentive will be offered for this purpose.
    Business Advertisement
  • Will create a platform for the local business to advertise at an affordable monthly cost. This platform will provide our customers and the community in general access to needed service throughout our wireless network nodes.
Laws And Regulations
  • Mopepe wireless network will operate in the freely available spectrum of 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.